Antique Mattress handcrafts mattress sets for all custom size and shapes in the Houston and Galveston areas.  Pocket coil hybrid mattresses are our specialty product.  We offer 100% cotton striped covers and quilted covers.  Mattress sets are all CPSC 1632 and 1633 compliant.  Should you wish to not have the fire retardant chemicals that are required in your mattress, we are able to build your mattress with a prescription.  Mattress sets that are under 60" wide and 80" long will be priced at $589 per set, this includes approximately 600 count individually wrapped pocketed coils as in the Simmons Beautyrest Mattress.  Your choice of cotton or polyester fiber for an extra cool night's sleep.  The mattress is handtufted to keep all materials intact to prevent any sliding of the materials.  All mattresses are two-sided if height is warranted.

Please call or email us for additional information.

Alesi Antique Mattress Company is owned and operated by Joe and Rita Alesi. We specialize in a CUSTOM SIZE MATTRESS, custom boxspring, and custom foundation for an Antique Bed. Antique Mattress is a factory direct manufacturer (which means we [Joe and Rita] build the custom size mattress ourselves in our own shop) for a special mattress, standard size mattress or mattress set.

for Houston, Galveston and surrounding areas.

Joe has actually been making custom mattresses since 1956,
when he graduated high school and worked in his parents mattress shop.

Antique Mattress can produce many types of CUSTOM MATTRESSES for antique or odd size beds, such as Sleigh Beds, Iron Beds, Rope Beds, Four Poster Beds, Jenny Linde Beds, Round Beds or Heart shaped beds, etc.


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We create quality custom mattress sets that are made in the U.S.A., with all products being made in the U.S.A. Our INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED COILS are made in Keene, Texas by Texas Pocket Springs. We also can make a mattress with the Bonnell Coils or a 100 percent polyester foam mattress, including Memory Foam Mattress or a Latex Mattress.

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Marshall Coils, now called "pocketed coils." Each coil is wrapped in a fabric encasement, and is usually tempered twice, once with heat and once with electricity. The brand Simmons uses pocketed coils in its Beautyrest mattress. Additionally, when two people sleep on the same mattress, the individually wrapped (or individually pocketed) coils provide motion separation (when one person tosses and turns, the other doesn't feel it.) This is important because when one person tosses and turns, it may not completely wake the other person, but, it can take them out of a deep sleep which is when the body does all of its regeneration. When a sleeper is undisturbed at night they can fall into that deep sleep faster, stay in a deeper sleep longer, and wake up feeling more refreshed because it allows the sleeper to get more use out of their sleep.

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I strongly suggest that no one alter an antique bed to fit standard bedding on it. It was made to have a custom mattress on it somehow. Price wise - it is no more expensive to have a mattress made. And of course all work is guaranteed. I do not renovate an existing mattress as it would not be cost effective to my customers.

I will come to your home or shop in the Houston or Galveston area for measurements and quotes FREE or will set an appointment to meet you at my shop. Just give us a call.

Out of area:  send us your city and zip code for a quote on shipping.

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